Today, She glows.

Pride stirred her awake. It gently coaxed her from a deep sleep and into a thoughtful doze. Her other half was downstairs making eggs, and she had already decided to wear black. Empowerment, solidarity, and strength were words that were with her that morning. They were good words. They made her think of her mother. … More Today, She glows.

The Helpline

‘I can’t get to the damn phone with all these toys on the stairs Claire! Get the kids to sort this shit out!’

‘Don’t shout at me, and watch your language. The kids don’t know what’s going on, don’t take your temper out on them!’

Andrew clings to the banister as he tries to navigate one toy at a time before jumping down the final five steps. Narrowly avoiding crushing a pirate ship and sending Peppa Pig to her untimely end, he makes it down. … More The Helpline

Split Personality

Imagine growing up knowing that somebody created you for one single purpose: Destruction. Number 1156 off the assembly line, carefully moulded from steel and plastic, designed to be a weapon. To slice things into as many pieces as I’m told. To stab and tear apart something that was once put together with precision, just like me.
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